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The Kowabunga Cowboys

The band is thrilled to introduce their new action packed and high energy show. The Kowabunga Cowboys are in town promoting danger, romance, excitement and a rockin good time. Life’s a beach so everyone might as well party and have a good time! A mixture of energetic beach party music and soulful melodies awaits those brave enough to leave all your troubles and get away……..common down and listen to the guitars play!

Ronnie Riptide and The Kowabunga Cowboys are ready to push the throttle of their high powered beach party machine that’ll keep you up dancing, prancing and singing along to every tune……. the songs everyone knows by heart. It’s a Bopapalooza of a good time for all ages; these guys know how to party!!!

So what does “Kowabunga” mean? The Urban Dictionary defines it as, “great, not beatnik, not hippy, not Swahili, but an early sixties California surfer term. A corrupted version of the Hawaiian term “Kupaianaha” which means “fantastic” and any other synonym of “wonderful” you care to choose.” It goes on to say, “the word probably entered greater American consciousness through the surfer movement of the period. Some people say it came from Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody Show in the fifties….kowabunga Buffalo Bob!!”

Where ever the word originated The Bop-A-dips have adopted it. As for “Cowboys”……well, they represent the Wild West, a driven and often rowdy bunch that risk their lives, ride for weeks, and sleep under the stars just to get the job done. For The Bop-A-Dips…..it’s helping you to “Bop Til Ya Drop”!     


What we call the School Daze Show is pure 1950's musical theatre. All your favorite music with vocal harmonies done like the original artists. All the typical cast of characters of a 1950's High School setting are portrayed by the band members. Rodney, the nerd who constantly gets razzed by the others, Nookie and Friskythe tough guy motorheads, Butch Wax the typical devilish delinquent, Mickey Slick, the midnight mover and all night groover and  Blockjock, the High School jock without a clue.  This show has numerous costume changes plus a visit from the Disc Jockey Bobby Bland from KBOP Radio and a show closer featuring the cheerleaders from Semorebutts High School. You're gonna wet yourself with laughter!


Buzz Fartz and the Legendary Stardust Cowboys Country Jamboree is a show performed only by special request, once every 20 years or so.....and only for special friends who understand the nature of this satire......or for those clients with a sense of adventure and a large checkbook! But seriously friends and neighbors, this is the ultimate lets get drunk and be somebody show......not for the faint hearted! You gotta leave your holy-er-than-tho attitude at the door when you gain entrance to this rowdy, dirty words, whiskey drinking, chewing tobacco, truck driving, politically incorrect, proud to be a red-neck American show........whew!!!! Put the saddle on the stove cause we're gonna ride the range tonight!!


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