The Scoop on The Bop-A-Dips

A brief historical perspective........

In the early 1970's the music of the 50's was enjoying a renewed interest, energy and excitement. Movies were being made the likes of American Graffiti, Grease and of course television shows as well (Happy Days to name just one) all used the music and melodies from the songs of the 50's era as a background for their TV shows, commercials and advertisements. The look, the sound and the attitude was everywhere across America and the world. Bands were forming from town to town across the nation just to try to duplicate that rocking sound with the driving beat. Sha Na Na and Flash Cadillac enjoyed national recognition. There were regional bands that formed just to play the music at parties and dances with no real chance of making it big, but still there was a magic and energy in that sound. It was in this period that The Bop-A-Dips were also born. Eight college boys lured by the dream of meeting girls and impressing friends. Yes, these boys from Chico State came together and formed The Bop-A-Dips. They practiced long and hard hoping they could become big stars.....or at least get free beer for playing their music at a Frat Party!

That spirit, energy and excitement of the first edition of The Bop-A-Dips has been kept alive for over 30 years making good the promise of Danny and The Juniors......Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay.....It Will Never Die !  Yes you might say that The Bop-A-Dips and their music has stood the test of time. The band has been a mainstay of Nightclubs, Nevada Showrooms, College Campuses, State and County Fairs, Corporate Conventions, Hot Rod Shows and Street Dances from town to towns across America and Canada. Ohhhh Shoot, almost forgot to mention, the band does Cruise Ships as well!

The Bop-A-Dips unique brand of Nostalgic music choices coupled with great vocal harmonies, comedy, energetic stage performance, crowd participation and showmanship has all contributed to the groups incredible longevity. The Bop-A-Dips performances have been described as American Graffiti, The Big Chill, Vaudeville and just pure entertainment. Witness the show, experience the energy and you'll be among those that can say "I Bopped Till I Dropped." Anyway you describe it; The Bop-A-Dips are the very best and most versatile nostalgia bands available today for all ages of audience from family fun venues to mature adult settings......It's Bopapalooza Time !

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